A tentative Smile


My battle with depression is a war without end.  Some days I’m uncertain of what to expect from life, but I wake up and face it any how.  Some days are harder than others, but no matter the kind of day I am having I make sure to smile.

Who ever said a smile had to always be accompanied by happiness? Should one even need a reason to smile at all?

I wear a tentative smile across my face daily.  I’m not sure why I’m smiling most of the time, I just know it feels good.  For a very long time I had forgotten how to smile.  I never want to find myself in that place again.

Maybe happiness is not what brings forth a smile but rather a smile that brings forth happiness.

If there is anything I am certain of, it is that I don’t want to spend another letting depression win.  If that means smiling without reason then so be it.  Sometimes I’m not sure whether I want to smile or cry but I choose to smile anyway.

…Because a tentative smile feels a lot better than a concrete frown…




Author: briannalynsblog

My name is Brianna. I'm live in Arabi, LA located right outside of New Orleans. I'm married to my best friend Scott and a mom to the most precious pup on earth, Jaxx. Writing for me is more than just a hobby, its my refuge, my safe place, my way of releasing the weight of the world off my shoulders. In more ways than one writing has saved my life. "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" Williams Wordsworth

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